Raggtopp Cleaner Melbourne

AST is one of the leading suppliers of Ragtop sunroofs in Australia. Ragtop is a popular brand that designs and manufactures after-market sunroofs for virtually all models and makes. Whether you want a sunroof for your Cadillac from the 90s or a Volkswagen bus from the 60s, AST offers genuine Ragtop sunroof at the best price.

Ragtop products are built to last and stand up to the harsh weather conditions. They are easy to install, repair and use, which means peace of mind for you as a customer. At AST, we use Ragtop products for soft top installations on all types of cars, and no customer has ever reported a bad experience.

If any regular soft top does not fit your vehicle the way you want it to, AST can prune it to your specifications. Give us a call today to enquire about the soft top for your vehicle.