Leather seats and trim add comfort, prestige and value to any vehicle. Traditionally only available in luxury cars, leather is now an affordable option for every car. We fit leather to new or older vehicles and offer a professional, expert repair service. All our leather seats are manufactured from 100% automotive-standard leather that accords to international standards.

We offer both custom leather trim as well as leather kits from Jackspeed, one of the world leaders in raw and finished leather products.These kits are available with perforated, gathered or two-tone leather, suede or a combination. We can supply and fit your kit, or just supply it for a do-it-yourself job.

Jackspeed is a global supplier of luxurious leather covers for brands such as Alfa Romeo, Toyota, Honda, Ford, GM, Nissan, Peugeot and many others. Jackspeed currently operate production facilities in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. Their regional presence allows them to add to the huge list of over 4,000 different vehicles and models that they have patterns available for.

The brand Jackspeed spells Quality, Fashion and Style, and with Jackspeed's OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supply to car manufacturers, all Jackspeed's products offer world-class quality and standards (ISO 9002 and QS 9001).

As more and more cars are fitted with side airbags, it is most important that any customized leather seat covers fitted over the airbag devices do not compromise their effectiveness. In order to do that, Jackspeed has invested in machinery that can produce seat covers right up to OEM standards. To assure all customers that Jackspeed has attained that level of proficiency, they put the seat covers through TUV testing in Germany.

The TUV side airbag tests show that in the event of the side airbags are activated, the airbags will burst through the sewing without being impeded. This is a testimonial to our superior quality and outstanding competence.

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